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One Star

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Introductions are the typical place to start, right?

I've never been much for this whole blogging idea. I believe three separate people have at various times set up live journals to encourage me to blog and I always intentionally forgotten the passwords.

Lately, I have been re-igniting elements of my life. For personal reasons some of my magical and spiritual practice adjusted to focus on priestly work and efforts to do meaningful mundane work. I found though that over time ignoring elements of what you're called to do does not truly make them go away, it just creates decay and dissonance in your life, very similarly to ignoring the call to move forward in terms of initiation at the appropriate time in many systems. I had essentially determined my course, laid out my map, and walked away from the road to set myself adrift.

Recently I have begun to return to that work. As a result of stepping away from my Angel's instructions and guidance, the return has been full of a lot of stress overcoming the detritus that spiritual inertia creates within the mundane life. That stress has been pretty cool, despite being annoying as balls. Each thing I conquer reminds me that I can make the decision to move ahead and then do so.

In terms of the more obviously magical part of magic it has been pretty cool doing more ritual magic and feeling that I must do the things I've determined to do as opposed to feeling "ugh, magic, why should I be bothered to do that?" In my exploration of the doldrums I did a lot of reflexive and simple magic, mostly the kind I learned as a child, and a lot of enchantment to get small things I wanted, but by in large I shirked off most real magic. This kind of sucks though because in a period of life like that when something comes up where you convince yourself that more significant magic is worth the bother then you can't really do it if you've rejected your connection to real magic, or those parts of magic which connect you to your power and authority to do magic in a significant manner. Being back in touch with that part of myself, and that part of life and divinity is certainly nifty. Being able to pop out some ritual work and accomplish major life issue solutions with ease again is also pretty useful, and MAYBE...a little more exciting than using magic just to charm someone across the room.

So with my continued return to myself, I've also begun writing more, and thinking about teaching more. Both of those are things that reduced a lot as I reduced. A lot of people have complained to me about me not doing those things anymore without knowing that I was just not as magically delicious as I once had been. In fact my dear friend Rufus Opus was one of the only people to know the extent of my extended vacation from things magical. He is probably also part of the reason I'm actually blogging. Rufus has kind of been my indirect link to what's shaking in the world of magic. One thing I've noticed through that is that the world is now full of blogs. But not the self absorbed emo things I remember from circa 2005, now blogs seem to be a place where a lot of magicians write cool stuff and get it out to people who are interested in cool stuff.

They've replaced the message boards and yahoo groups that I lived on as a kid. So part of rejoining the land of the living seems to be blogging so I'm going to give it a shot.

Initially I was going to keep this brief and impersonal and just talk about stuff I do and why I'm worth reading, but, I come off like a prick most of the time as it is, so I figured instead of a boring stodgy "this is why I'm cool post" I can save being a prick for later, and for now be open and personable.

So, hopefully I'll stick with blogging, and hopefully you'll like what I have to say...and hopefully future posts will be less self absorbed and emo. 

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