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One Star

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unprotected Night Time Adventures

So, last night I had some questions I wanted answered. Sort of along the lines of issues related to mercy and severity.

I determined I needed some insight from the spirit world, but I wanted a general kind of view, from positive and negative spirits, a broad perspective.

A few months back I was having some really intense dreams where I was being challenged by malevolent spirits and was having to exorcise them. The dreams were much too real and were somewhat inexplicable. I took a rosary sealed with St Benedict's seal and tied it to my bed. St Benedict is the patron St of exorcists and he repels witchcraft and black magic. In general I assume Benedict is intended to be used against all magic, but I find his talismans useful to have around as a magician.

The dreams stopped right away. A couple other nocturnal disturbances got sorted too. It was good. Although positive spirit communication in dreams reduced too. Which I didn't really notice until I opened stuff up.

So, feeling the need to talk with spirits I opened up the door by taking down the rosary and put out kind of an open invitation. This is generally viewed as a bad idea. You usually want to know who you're inviting in and make sure to keep others out.

A lot of people would also feel like opening dreams is risky because you're inviting spirits into your mind. This isn't usually the case. Dreams typically do take place in your head. Even lucid dreaming is mostly a psychology thing. But some dreams take place between the world of spirits and your mind. You meet in the middle, so there is still a buffer. If you pay attention you'll notice a different feel to the environment in magical and spirit communication dreams than in normal ones, this is why. Not the same environment.

Aside from the buffer I was kind of in the mood to dive deep into whatever and felt comfortable with my ability to handle whatever came to visit. In fact the worrisome guys were more of who I wanted to hear from.

They were apparently not worried about talking to me though as all I got were angels. A bunch of them.

It was kind of like they put on a moral play in which I had an open ended role so my choices could answer my questions. It was pretty angelic in its somewhat indirect and melodramatic didactism.

I woke a bunch of times and always fell back into continuing the narrative. This usually doesn't happen for me.

In the end I guess the angels expressed their view, and tried to do so in a way to make me feel like it was my own.

To a degree they made me feel the draw towards Mercy and convincing me to flog an angelic prince with fire...

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