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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magic is the Bee's Knees, and Mysticism is All the Buzz

Before the days of well, actually, well after blogger existed, but before I used it since I'm technologically like a decade behind...I would occasionally do a Facebook note. This one popped up from a memory today. It was kind of a neat moment which has been referenced a bunch of times in recounting my experience working the Abramelin. My recollection was that the incident with the bee happened early on, but I guess it was towards the end based on this date. 

April 13, 2010 at 12:49am
I was in my oratory this morning and had just finished doing my new morning ritual set (the closing from The Ship, a six-fold intonation of the Tifaret Hierarchy, Resh + Adoration, The Headless Invocation, A Solar Salutation, and the Prayer of St. Francis.)

During the headless invocation I heard a whirring and thought I saw a darting but figured it was my imagination as it was early.

Then during a modified solo-version of the Mass a bee began to crawl across my altar down the center of the cross pattern on the middle to the apex of a triangle on which sat my new gold ring, which had arrived Friday as I was heading to Minervals and which I had just consecrated last night.

The bee crawled to one side of the ring, then the other then the front and then curled up inside and rested there throughout the rest of the Mass.

Bees themselves having a certain solar symbolism, I took it at first as a reason for trepidation but then as a sign that the solar presence was made manifest and was further consecrating the ring. I noted, to the bee, upon leaving the oratory that when I returned I would need to take the ring so as to have it engraved and upon my return the bee had vacated to another part of the altar. It reminded me a little of an odd experience I had with a bee about ten years earlier shortly after beginning work with my mentor.

I am thinking I might keep the corpse of the bee (as it of course died during the course of the day, having been unable to escape) and place it on the center piece of the cross on the altar as a talisman of the dying god, whose death gives way to the elevation of the soul of the mystic in his union. Any thoughts? 

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