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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review: Practical Occult Jewelry

           So I’ve been pretty far behind on posting. Busy with my new writing project _Unto the Angel_ my book on the Holy Guardian Angel…along with regular work, and fencing. One of the things in particular I’ve wanted to do recently is review some really cool stuff which has come out from some people who are pretty cool. The first one I’m going to present is, sort of, but maybe not entirely, the newest.
          Alison Chicosky has been making a stir for a few years in terms of inspiring people to work with PGM and to explore, in particular, the Stele of Jeu. She has done some pretty amazing stuff with simple magical techniques and has helped others do the same by directing them to Rufus Opus’s _Seven Spheres_ and the PGM materials, the two of which have become the source of her go to methods, at least as far as I understand.
I’ve heard some pretty amazing stories about people saved by the phylacteries she’s made and gifted to them. And by saved, in some cases I mean literally their lives have been saved. Her construction of magical objects has spread out beyond the phylacteries into a huge array of planetary talismans. She has been sharing these talismans with people and they’ve been getting great results. Myself included.
A few months back I was in my car and suddenly the world was a kaleidoscope. My eyes were no longer seeing the same thing and I was driving through a world wind of blurred images. A couple days of tests showed that I was pretty healthy…surprisingly so, but that due to a nerve issue one of my eyes wasn’t moving so I had extreme double vision. This resulted in a couple months in an eye patch.
Alison was the first person I reached out to for help. She sent me a talisman. Once it was delivered, even before I had it in my possession, I could feel its influence in my orbit. When I first held it I could feel the difference in presence it had, and when I interacted with it I had strong and clear instructions from the spirits associated therewith.
My doctors told me to basically keep things easy going and eventually the eye would heal, but it might take months. I found a surprising number of people who had had similar issues or knew people who had similar issues. Most of the people I encountered initially told me about how they, or they people they knew, never got better. It was a little frightening. The doctors made it sound simple to the point of being unrealistic and brushed off a need for me to keep seeing them. They gave me no real instruction or treatment. Once the talisman was in my possession I started getting more and more people telling me about people who had the same problem and it got better. All of them needed to see specialists and do special exercises or wear special corrective items, but they got better. I went in for my first, and only, follow up and the doctor was clearly surprised by how much progress my eye had made in a short time. I finally had hope that I was sure wasn’t just me convincing myself that I might get better.
Now, my eye works correctly and I’m without the eye patch. It took some time. The talisman didn’t miraculously instantly heal me. But there was a definite shift. Some of the underlying issues eased up once I had it. I stumbled onto some unlikely assistance a few times. I recovered with pretty much no medical treatment past the diagnosis. The world that seemed to be preparing me for the worst turned into a world reminding me that it would work out. That was probably a huge factor in my eye getting better at all.
I accept that my recovery was in part due to rest and other things done to improve my condition, but I also believe that the talisman turned around important elements of the situation and helped guide me towards the possibility of recovering, which didn’t seem there at first.
That said, my story isn’t anywhere close to the most miraculous I’ve heard from Alison’s talismans. But it’s my story, so it’s the one I feel OK telling. If you know other people who’ve used one ask them about them, or reach out and ask Alison about them.
Or, acquire one from her. Alison has recently started taking commissions for talismans. Her work can be seen and she can be contacted via Facebook at:

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