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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Body Talismans - First Use of the Solomonic Hexagram Ritual

The first time I used the Solomonic Hexagram ritual was back in 2005. I had recently begun competing in fencing tournaments and was in my final year as a collegiate competitor. My performance was not so hot at the time and my knees were starting to bother me. I was studying the Greater Key of Solomon and decided to conjure Bartzabel and use one of the seals from the Greater Key. The results I got were interesting, and successful. Here is how I went about it and what happened.

I was not yet engaging in actual Solomonic ritual at that point and had limited experience with evocation. I had a pretty solid familiarity with Golden Dawn based magic. So this was the solution. Despite worry over concerns expressed in the GD materials about people becoming obsessed by painting scrying symbols on their bodies, I decided to put the seal I had selected from the Greater Key on my right forearm, which was the arm I used in fencing.

I performed the ritual and when I got to the conjuration of the planetary spirit I extended my arm through the circle and asked the spirit to consecrate my arm as a talisman. When I was done I went to bed. My thoughts became rampant ideas and instructions on how I needed to train and practice. I worried that that was all I was getting. It wasn't.

That night I had intensely violent dreams about gang warfare. So intense that they woke me from sleep. I recognized that I had essentially tied my body to a martial spirit and then went to sleep so I acknowledged that the dreams were an effect of that choice. In the morning I woke up and went to a tournament. In the two months leading up to that tournament I'd fenced in a few others, and while I had not DFL'd in any of them, I came really close in all of them. In this event though, I won my group for the prelim round and medaled. My legs didn't bother me through the event. It was a pretty huge difference.

I began using this method pretty routinely with various spirits. Had success with various types of magical goals. To avoid any kind of obsession or spirit issues related to the consecration of body parts as talismans I ritualized washing off the seals. Four times, banishing based on the elements with each one. The one negative was routinely consecrating my arm began to result in pain over time, and so I dropped that method. But still used the ritual for calling on spirits. Because it was simple, quick, and worked really well, even without making my body into a tool, although partying with Venus talismans all over my body was kind of fun.

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