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One Star

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Magic of Listening

Sometimes magic is about listening. We typically enter into magic with the idea of telling the world how we want things to be. Sometimes we go in telling spirits what we want to know. Or we explore divination for answers about what we're wondering about, even if it's just a general “what's up with me?” But we are rarely open to just listening without desire and moving with the inspiration, that, however, is incredibly important to be able to do.

As a boy the first magic I learned from my father was simply this. He taught me signs in nature to be aware of certain things that were going to happen. Not to look for them, but just to be aware enough to see them when they were there.

When I was older my teacher in traditional craft gave me my first lesson by telling me to take several opportunities to just sit somewhere and observe and take in the world around me. Again, super important, and just a generally good feeling thing to do.

In other areas of life we're often impressed by the idea of a natural awareness to the flow of things and the ability to act based on its inspiration. We talk about being present, we talk about mindfulness, and about truly experiencing those things in which we are engaged. This is important too, and is suited to the idea about which I'm speaking, but that mindfulness can accompany actions where we have a desired end.

Sometimes we just need to reach out and touch the magical forces of the world, and be mindful, present, and listen without any thought or idea about what we're looking for. Then sometimes we need to do, sometimes we need to just keep listening, sometimes we need to bask in the inspiration of the force we're touching.

The world is awesome, not in the sense that we're all pretty nifty, which, we are, but awesome, in the sense of a thing filled with awe inspiring glory. That glory and awe can lead us to a lot of answers we need, even when we don't know the question to ask, if we're open to it. It can develop our subtle bodies and instill in us completion, strength, and powers in a deeper sense than just reaching out and asking for something.

I was reminded of all this tonight with a pretty simple act. Opening myself up, gazing at the sky, and chanting. Not for any purpose but connection, and with a sense of “I should do this, but I don't really have a plan of where I'm going.” It became super clear very fast, I knew what I needed, I got what I needed, and I was granted a vision of the beauty of a star filled sky, despite it being a relatively starless night. All in all, pretty nifty, but even more, pretty useful. Hopefully you find some use in it too.

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